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CrowdWorks Inc


CrowdWorks Inc., Operates one of the biggest Crowdsourcing services in Japan, “CrowdWorks”.
CrowdWorks is operating with three main themes, “Regional Vitalization” “Supporting Women’s’ Labor” and “Increasing Employment Opportunities for Senior Citizens”, providing a platform which enables individuals to work free from location or time constraints.
Since the launch of the service on March, 2012, over 235,000 clients including 9 government agencies such as CAO,METI,MHLW,MOFA, and 1.75 million users have used CrowdWorks. On December, 2014 CrowdWorks was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market, and on January 2015, CrowdWorks was awarded at The 1st Nippon Venture Award, which was operated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.