Shinya Yamanaka, M.D., Ph.D. | SPEAKERS | NEST | New Economy Summit 2018

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Shinya Yamanaka, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

Shinya Yamanaka received his M.D. from Kobe University in 1987 and a Ph.D. from Osaka City University in 1993. From 1987 to 1989 he was a resident at the National Osaka Hospital. He spent the period from 1993 to 1996 as a postdoctoral fellow at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, San Francisco. He returned to Osaka City University Medical School to take an assistant professor position in 1996, and was appointed as an associate professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology in 1999, where he became a full professor in 2003. He moved on to take up his current position as a professor in Kyoto University in 2004. His research team announced the successful generation of mouse iPS cells in 2006 and of human iPS cells in 2007. With the breakthrough technology, he was appointed as a senior investigator at Gladstone in 2007. Since 2008, he serves as the director of the Center for iPS cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University.
Owing to his prominent deeds and discoveries, he has received many awards including 2009 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award (U.S.), 100th Imperial Prize and Japan Academy Prize (Japan) in 2010, 26th Annual Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology in 2010, 2011 Wolf Prize in Medicine (Israel), order of Cultural Merit in 2012 (Japan) and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012. He was also selected as a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) in 2011.
He also received Japan Association of New Economy Innovation Prize in 2014.